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The case for treating long-term urban IDPs as city residents

This report from UK think tank IIED looks at internally displaced persons who seek safety in towns

Productive uses of energy for resilient livelihoods in LDCs

This report from UK think tank IIED looks at the integrated approaches needed to unlock the potential

Breaking the curse of corruption in Lebanon

This report from UK think tank Chatham House looks at the near collapse of the state in

Politically sanctioned corruption and barriers to reform in Iraq

This report from UK think tank Chatham House looks at the pernicious effects of politically sanctioned corruption

Better cities after COVID-19

This report from UK think tank the IIED looks at transformative urban recovery in the global South.

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International Development reports

By Emanuela-Chiara Gillard

This paper sets out a series of steps for systematically gathering information on the adverse impact of sanctions on humanitarian…

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By Dr Renaud Mansour

In the absence of a representative and accountable government and state institutions, attempts to forge a strong Iraqi nation are…

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By Joyce Hakmeh

A failure to tackle cybercrime would imperil strategic development plans intended to diversify GCC economies and reduce their reliance on…

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By Haid Haid

This paper examines events in Atarib city in the period before, during and after its local community and armed groups…

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By Leena Koni Hoffman; Raj Navanit Patel

That corruption is a destructive and complex practice is openly acknowledged in Nigeria, yet it remains ubiquitous in the functioning…

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By Dr Heather Roff

AI planning applications can quickly, reasonably and reliably enable users to carry out complex and multi-stage actions in disaster relief…

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By Giovanni Caccavello

The EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has undergone several waves of reforms over the last few decades. Yet, many market-…

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By Tom Keatinge; Anne-Marie Barry

A new RUSI report reveals that while financial institutions are unanimously willing to contribute to the disruption of human trafficking,…

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By Various Authors

The report examines the history of British intervention – militarily and from a humanitarian perspective – arguing that it has…

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