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Core assumptions and British strategic policy

This report from the UK think tank The Henry Jackson Society reviews the 15 core assumptions of

Russian economic policy and the Russian economic system

This report from the UK think tank Chatham House looks at stability versus growth in the Russian

Lives in limbo

This report from the UK think tank Legatum Institute for the Global People Movements programme focuses on

Between a rock and a hard place

This report from the UK think tank Social Market Foundation considers a reboot for the UK’s Assisted

Our responsibility

This report from the UK think tank the IPPR proposes a new model of international cooperation for the

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International Development reports

By Dr John Hemmings; Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo; Dr Tat Yan Kong

North Korea is ready to do a deal with Donald Trump, in which it exchanges its nuclear arsenal for economic…

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By Andrew Scott; Leah Worrall; Sam Pickard

This briefing considers the direct and indirect relationships between migration and energy services in places of origin and destination, and…

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By Guy Jobbins; Ian Langdown; Giselle Bernard

This briefing considers the impact of migration on a variety of WASH-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), chiefly SDG 6: 'to…

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By Tahirih Danesh; Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam

This edition of the Iran Human Rights Review focuses on due process in the Iranian legal system. The review contains…

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By Philippa Stroud; Stephen Brien; Rhiannon Jones

We are now witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record, as individuals seek to create their own pathways from…

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By Ben Caldecott; Eamonn Ives; Mark Holmes

In collaboration with the Conservative Environment Network. The natural world is facing unparalleled threats. The fragility of the environment not…

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By Various Authors

Foreign aid is often exempt from taxation in recipient countries. Research on the topic is sparse, debate infrequent, and the…

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By Alison Hoare; Lan Hong; Jens Hein

China is seeking to increase its overseas investments in infrastructure projects, and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is its…

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By Various Authors

In April 2018, heads of government from across the Commonwealth gather for the Commonwealth Summit to discuss the future of…

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