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The application of international law to state cyberattacks

This report from the UK think tank Chatham House looks at the application of the sovereignty and

Our responsibility

This report from the UK think tank the IPPR proposes a new model of international cooperation for the

Pleasing China, appeasing at home

This report from the UK think tank The Foreign Policy Centre looks at Central Asia and the

Can Europe learn to play power politics?

This report from the UK think tank Centre for European Reform looks at EU power politics in

Online disinformation and political discourse

This report from the UK think tank Chatham House looks at applying a human rights framework to

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International Relations reports

By Xenia Wickett

The report makes the case that transatlantic relationship may currently be traversing a period of divergence, this need not lead…

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By Peter Salisbury

Yemen has become a ‘chaos state’ – a nominal entity that exists largely as lines on a map and as…

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By Various Authors

When UN Security Council Resolution 2231 – associated with the Iran nuclear deal – came into effect in late 2015,…

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By Various Authors

The European Union faces manifold challenges from migration to Brexit, but the stars are aligning to create the conditions for…

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By Dianna Games

As South Africa’s ability to fulfil its complex and often conflicting roles diminishes, it must develop a more strategic and…

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By Luigi Scazzieri; John Longford

The EU’s response to migrants crossing the Mediterranean is shifting from internal reforms to deals with countries in Africa and…

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By Dr John Hemmings; Dr Malte Kaeding

A new report by the Henry Jackson Society has today highlighted how human rights have deteriorated in Hong Kong over…

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By Dr Andrew Foxall

Moldova is a “captured state” – in the words of the World Bank – in which the country’s post-Soviet transition…

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By Sarah Ashraf

This report highlights the growing significance of the Islamic State in the Khorasan Province, or ISKP. It also assesses the…

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