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Towards true universal care

This report from UK think tank IPPR looks at reforming the NHS charging system. The system of

Connecting the dots

This report from UK think tank IIED looks at climate change, migration and social protection. There are

Return on investment of overseas nurse recruitment: lessons for the NHS

This report from UK think tank the Nuffield Trust looks at the costs and benefits of recruiting

Climate-induced migration and modern slavery

This report from UK think tank IIED looks at recognising slavery as a mainstream policy issue alongside

What’s causing structural racism in housing?

This report from UK think tank the Joseph Rowntree Foundation looks at answers for a more equal,

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Migration reports

By Alastair Masser; Hannah Rose Thomas; Will Edwards

This report from the UK think tank Legatum Institute examines the dynamics of migration within the four regions at the…

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By Joe Owen; Maddy Thimont Jack; Adela Iacobov; Elliott Christensen

Leaving the European Union (EU) will allow the UK to ‘take back control’ of aspects of migration policy previously determined…

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By Laurie Laybourn-Langton; Lesley Rankin; Darren Baxter

Mainstream political and policy debates have failed to recognise that human impacts on the environment have reached a critical stage,…

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By Jill Rutter; Steve Ballinger

This report by UK think tanks looks at the EU Settlement Scheme This scheme enables EU citizens in the UK…

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By David Wood

This report from the UK think tank Civitas looks at the challenge of enforcing the UK’s immigration rules. The UK…

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By Jill Rutter; Rosie Carter

This report by UK think tank British Future looks at the public's attitude to immigration and integration. The National Conversation…

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By Gabriele Piazza; Naomi Clayton

This report considers the contribution that EU migrants make to urban economies in England and Wales, and the impact that…

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By Pheobe Griffith; Marley Morris

Our current immigration system lacks a strategic mission. For too long, the development of immigration policy has been driven by…

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By Joe Dromey; Marley Morris; Luke Murphy

The construction industry is of vital strategic importance to the UK. A healthy construction industry will be essential if we…

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By Various Authors

The direct influence of climate change on human mobility is unclear. Yet in international processes, climate change and disaster risk…

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