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Nationalisation reports

By Adrian Quine; Sophie Jarvis

A new report by Adrian Quine, rail consultant and journalist, and Sophie Jarvis, Head of Government at the ASI, calls…

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By Scott Corfe

Our main focus in this report has been to identify the initial acquisition costs of nationalisation. This is the Social…

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By Daniel Mahoney

New research published by the Centre for Policy Studies estimates that the cost of Labour’s renationalisation plans would be at…

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By Mathew Lawrence; Nigel Mason

The unequal ownership of capital in the economy is a powerful driver of inequality. With the share of national income…

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By Matthew Elliott

A landmark study of public opinion in the UK post the General Election has found that there is widespread support…

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By Giovanni Caccavello

On 15 June 2017, the Directorate General for Internal Policies published a report which maps the recent history of privatisation…

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