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A mature approach

This report from UK think tank the Fabian Society looks at how Labour can reconnect with older

UK Think Tanks in 2022

This briefing presents the results from Smart Thinking's recent survey of the UK's think tank sector. For

Homes for Afghans

This report from UK think tank British Future and More in Common looks at the start of

Another brick in the wall

This report from UK think tank Onward looks at the next election and how the battleground will

British Politics after Brexit

This report from UK think tank UK in a Changing Europe looks at public opinion in the

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Politics reports

By Arthur Aughey

The State of the Union is a new paper by renowned historian Professor Arthur Aughey, of Ulster University, in which…

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By Alexander Fritz Englund

Populism is on the rise, especially in Europe. Determining the causes is of crucial political importance. Some claim that “neoliberal”…

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By Nilima Gulrajani

Every few years, the reorganisation of foreign aid bureaucracy becomes a topical issue in development policy circles. The last time…

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By Clare McNeil; Carys Roberts; Charlotte Snelling

A new generation of young women is ready and willing to participate in politics. The UK general election in June…

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By Andreas Johansson Heino

The 2017 TIMBRO Authoritarian Populism Index is the only Europe-wide comprehensive study that aims to shed light on whether populism…

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By Various Authors

“It’s the economy, stupid”. Or is it? The mantra of Bill Clinton’s strategist James Carville has become something of an…

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By Alex Krasodomski-Jones

British society and its politics are increasingly influenced by social media – which presents both democratic opportunities and also practical…

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By Adam Corlett; Matthew Whittaker

While the deficit remains in place, it is heading back to the sort of level relative to the size of…

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By Matthew Elliott

Having written about the March 2017 Dutch election for the Legatum Institute, Matthew Elliott has now turned his attention to…

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By Giovanni Caccavello

Given a letter from the EPP, S&D, and ALDE party presidents to the European Parliament, the European Union will begin…

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