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Don’t breathe in

This report from the UK think tank ResPublica is a review of research, policy, and practice on

Creating and dismantling government departments

This report from the UK think tank the Institute for Government looks at how to handle machinery

Ethical care

This report from the UK think tank IPPR proposes a bold reform agenda for adult social care. With

Performance Tracker 2019

This report from the UK think tank Institute for Government provides a data-driven analysis of the performance of

Hitting the poorest worst?

This report from the UK think tank IPPR looks at how public health cuts have been experienced

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Public Sector reports

By Ben Glover

Will it ever be possible for the Department for Work and Pensions to engage effectively with ‘harder-to-help’ groups? That was…

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By Akash Paun; Tess Kidney Bishop; Lucy Valsamidis; Alasdair de Costa

Twenty years after devolution, Ministers in Scotland and Wales say they are ignored by the Government in Westminster, and this…

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By Adam Corlett

In 2017, Members of the Scottish Parliament unanimously voted the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 into law, creating targets for…

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By Claudia Martinez; Imogen Farhan

This Reformer Thoughts series brings together healthcare professionals to discuss what can be done to prevent the winter crisis from…

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By Various authors

Both the British Government and the European Union insist that they do not want a “no-deal” Brexit. Yet it remains…

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By Claudia Martinez; Josh Pritchard

This report provides a critical examination of how personal budgets have been used to deliver public services in the UK.…

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By Christopher Snowdon

Following on from research published by the IEA between 2012 and 2014, this discussion paper revisits the issue of state-funded…

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By Scott Corfe

This report, commissioned by Peabody, provides new insights into the lives of individuals living in social housing in London –…

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By Stuart Adam; Robert Joyce; Thomas Pope

In April 2013, council tax benefit (CTB), which provided help for low-income households with their council tax, was abolished. In…

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