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Value added

This report from the UK think tank Demos looks at how better government procurement can build a

General election: access talks

This report from the UK think tank the Institute for Government provides advice on access talks between

New vision

This report from the UK think tank IEA looks at transforming the BBC into a subscriber-owned mutual.

Everyday socialism

This report from the UK think tank Fabian Society looks at how to rebuild Britain. Good jobs,

The Treasury’s responsibility for the results of public spending

This report from the UK think tank the Institute for Government looks at the Treasury's role in

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Public Sector reports

By Nick Davies, Graham Atkins; Tess Kidney Bishop

How infrastructure projects are financed – whether the public sector or the private sector raises the money for the upfront…

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By Various Authors

This discussion paper argues that industrial strategy should become a central pillar of economic policy. Given the UK economy’s deep…

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By Nicholas Finney

Strikes in the essential services are banned in most major Western economies – but not in the UK. With co-ordinated…

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By Denis James

With the right oversight and a balanced approach, defence engagement can help to deliver prosperity and increase private-sector involvement in…

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By Paul Swinney; Gabriele Piazza

This briefing looks at the impact of two notable cases of high-skilled publicly-funded jobs that have been moved out of…

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By Daniel Mahoney

Recent weeks have seen the issue of the public sector pay cap re-surface and several Cabinet members have suggested they…

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By Nigel Keohane; Scott Corfe

This report, supported by Zurich Municipal, sets out to understand what factors could affect the future of local public services…

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By Matt Whittaker

Britain is seven years into a prolonged period of fiscal consolidation, in which constraints on public spending have been the…

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By Maurice Saatchi

With no agreement over the depth, the causes or the possible solutions to the “NHS crisis”, Maurice Saatchi describes the…

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