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Failed safe?

This report from UK think tank Resolution Foundation looks at enforcing workplace health and safety in the

A response to the SCHEER opinion on electronic cigarettes

This report from UK think tank EPICENTER looks at flawed e-cigarette regulation plans. In September 2020, the

Streamlining the quango state

This report from UK think tank the Adam Smith Institute looks at making the case for reforming

Funding fibre

This report from UK think tank the Social Market Foundation looks at how to bring fast, affordable

Low pay Britain 2020

This latest report from UK think tank Resolution Foundation is the tenth annual Low Pay Britain report.

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Regulation reports

By Jarryd Bartle

Drug consumption rooms are an evidence-based harm reduction intervention which allow people who use illicit drugs to do so within…

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By Christopher Snowdon

The term ‘junk food’ has no legal definition and its use by campaigners gives a misleading impression of how much…

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By Adrian Quine; Sophie Jarvis

A new report by Adrian Quine, rail consultant and journalist, and Sophie Jarvis, Head of Government at the ASI, calls…

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By Michael Johnson

The research, authored by Associate Fellow Michael Johnson, outlines the vast, and continuing, growth in unfunded spending promises by government,…

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By Patrick Hall; Caio Zanforlin; Anna Jandura-Cessna

The Employment Flexibility Index of LFMI quantifies a great divergence in employment regulations between EU countries. Of the 41 countries…

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By Darren Baxter; Luke Murphy

The private rented sector has grown substantially over the past two decades. It is now home to 20 per cent…

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By Vera Kichanova

A new report by Vera Kichanova, an urban policy researcher, argues that Britain should legalise microhomes. Housing is the most…

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By Conor D'Arcy, Fahmida Rahman

The UK’s employment rate continues to reach record highs. But while the majority of jobs added in recent years have…

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By Massimiliano Trovato

The Commission’s decision to fine Google for unfair practice was based off of a misunderstanding of the Android ecosystem and…

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