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Delivering net zero

This latest report from UK think tank Bright Blue is an essay collection arguing net zero is

Testing times

This latest report from UK think tank Adam Smith Institute looks at Covid-19 testing. Testing Times makes

Rules Britannia

This latest report from UK think tank IEA looks at regulation in the UK. In our political

Negotiating the level playing field

This latest report from UK think tank IPPR looks at the next stage of the Brexit negotiations.

Carillion: two years on

This latest report from UK think tank Institute for Government warns the government risks another Carillion situation.

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Regulation reports

By Matt Ridley; David Hill

Innovation in farming has led to higher crop yields which, in turn, have allowed more land to be spared from…

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By Shanker Singham

The European Union’s approach to competition law and enforcement demonstrates an attitude in the high-tech and media sector, that –…

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By Shanker Singham

The new media economy operates differently from other industries when it comes to regulation. The marginal costs of technological giants…

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By Scott Corfe

This report examines the potential benefits that could be realised from the rollout of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in…

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By Tim Cowen; Phillip Blond

The online gambling industry is an industry that makes more than half of its profits from those at risk and…

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By Kevin Dowd

This report suggests that the UK’s Equity Release sector is in deep trouble, with the regulator having missed opportunities to…

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By Alex Hoagland

In an effort to maintain and improve road safety, drivers in the mainland of the United Kingdom are required to…

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By Shanker Singham; Radomir Tylecote; Victoria Hewson

Withdrawal from the EU must mean regulatory autonomy for the United Kingdom – sovereignty over its regulations. This reflects the…

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By Chris Snowdon

This report aims to provide estimates of: (a) the size and value of the UK’s illicit cannabis market in 2016/17…

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