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Delivering net zero

This latest report from UK think tank Bright Blue is an essay collection arguing net zero is

Testing times

This latest report from UK think tank Adam Smith Institute looks at Covid-19 testing. Testing Times makes

Rules Britannia

This latest report from UK think tank IEA looks at regulation in the UK. In our political

Negotiating the level playing field

This latest report from UK think tank IPPR looks at the next stage of the Brexit negotiations.

Carillion: two years on

This latest report from UK think tank Institute for Government warns the government risks another Carillion situation.

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Regulation reports

By Daniel Pryor

This report looks at the effects of smoking cigarettes and how it can be minimised by using e-cigarettes and vaping.…

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By Various Authors

Since 2007 it has not been permitted to advertise food and drink that is high in fat, salt or sugar…

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By Jamie Fraser; Christopher Snowdon

In a risk-obsessed society, nation-states within the EU and elsewhere face the dilemma of paternalist intervention. There is an ever-increasing…

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By Tim Cowen; Phillip Blond

In “TECHNOPOLY” and what to do about it: Reform, Redress and Regulation, ResPublica, with the support of the Big Innovation…

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By Professor Philip Booth

The extent of regulation of insurance companies has grown significantly in recent decades. The ‘freedom with publicity’ regime which defined…

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By Christopher Snowdon

The Nanny State Index tracks paternalistic lifestyle regulations that the European Parliament proposed in its current and previous legislative terms.…

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By Dr James Noyes

In Watershed: Closing the loopholes in gambling advertising, ResPublica outlines the practical ways in which greater compliance, fairness and social…

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By Julian Jessop

On average, the economic costs of non-tariff barriers (NTBs) now far exceed those of tariffs, which have generally been falling…

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By Christopher Snowdon

Our new league table of nanny state regulation shows that punitive taxation and excessive regulation of safer nicotine alternatives has…

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