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This report from the UK think tank Policy Exchange discusses resisting the judicialisation of war. Policy Exchange’s

China and instability in developing countries

This report from the UK think tank IISS looks at the political economy of China’s responses to

Getting to a new Iran Deal

This report from the UK think tank Chatham House puts forward a guide for Trump, Washington, Tehran,

Crossing the river by feeling the stones

This report from the UK think tank RUSI looks at the trajectory of China's maritime transformation. The

The ‘no true Muslim’ fallacy

This report from the UK think tank Civitas looks at how Muslims are intimidated and marginalised for

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Security & Defence reports

By Professor John Bew

As Vladimir Putin celebrates another election victory, today's Labour party should remember that there can be no coherent response to…

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By Dr Julia Rushchenko

Separating Islamist extremists from the rest of the prison population is the only viable solution to prevent the spread of…

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By Sophia Besch; Christian Odendahl

The next German government should overcome 'small nation' thinking: Berlin needs to acknowledge that its domestic economic policy has consequences…

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By Najah Al-Otaibi

The British Government must extend and deepen its relationship with Gulf states in order to tackle the root causes of…

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By Dr Bastian Giegerich; Dr Christian Moelling

Defence and security can potentially be positive elements in the story of the British exit from the EU. Brexit will…

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By Meia Nouwens; Helena Legarda

During the 19th Party Congress in October 2017, China’s President Xi Jinping outlined a bold set of reforms designed to…

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By Professor Malcolm Chalmers

This report looks at the implications of the UK government's decision to take the defence elements out of the National…

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By Dr Jack McDonald

The debate over the use of drones is an opportunity for states to identify elements of military practice that their…

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By Emma Webb

The British taxpayer has handed over more than £6 million to charities that are currently, or have been in the…

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