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Core assumptions and British strategic policy

This report from the UK think tank The Henry Jackson Society reviews the 15 core assumptions of

Free to be extreme

This report from the UK think tank The Henry Jackson Society takes a look at Islamist and

The prison system

This report from the UK think tank Reform looks at priorities for investment in the prison system.

Russian kleptocracy and the rule of law

This report from the UK think tank The Henry Jackson Society looks at how the Kremlin undermines

Tracking drugs in the MENA

This report from the UK think tank The Foreign Policy Centre proposes tracking drugs as a new

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Security & Defence reports

By Peter Ricketts

A paper exploring UK and French security relations post-Brexit. Written by Lord Peter Ricketts, former National Security Adviser and UK…

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By Various Authors

When UN Security Council Resolution 2231 – associated with the Iran nuclear deal – came into effect in late 2015,…

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By James Rogers; Jack Wright

A policy briefing by The Henry Jackson Society – What the European Union owes the United Kingdom – highlights how…

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By Rishi Sunak MP

We must do more to protect the indispensable yet insecure internet infrastructure provided by undersea cables, urges Rishi Sunak MP…

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By James Rogers

A new policy paper by the Henry Jackson Society – “Global Britain and the Future of the British Armed Forces”…

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By Tom Wilson

A new Henry Jackson Society report has warned that the public sector organisations and elected officials are partnering with the…

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By Dr Julia Ruschenko

Security officials and those leading counter-extremism efforts must place greater emphasis on the dangers posed by recent converts to Islam,…

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By Ruth Ellen Wasem

Balancing national security and the benefits of the visa waiver program is a challenging process.

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By Sarah Ashraf

This report highlights the growing significance of the Islamic State in the Khorasan Province, or ISKP. It also assesses the…

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