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The ‘no true Muslim’ fallacy

This report from the UK think tank Civitas looks at how Muslims are intimidated and marginalised for

In the end, it’s Ukraine, not Russia, that threatens to bring down Trump

This report from the UK think tank the Foreign Policy Centre looks at President Trump's relations with

European security cooperation after Brexit

This briefing from the UK think tank Open Europe looks at unanswered questions for the UK and

Up in arms

This report from the UK think tank the Centre for European Reform looks at Europe's arms export

Advancing UK maritime aviation in the Queen Elizabeth-class era

This report from the UK think tank IISS considers the opportunities and challenges that the carrier era

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Security & Defence reports

By Michael Elleman

This report from the UK think tank IISS looks at the growing challenge posed by Iran's ballistic missiles. With the…

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By Tom Tugendhat MP; Khalid Mahmood MP; Prof Richard Ekins; Patrick Hennessey

The UK urgently needs a new definition of treason that will recognise the nature of the threats we face today,…

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By Emil Dall; Tom Keatinge

This paper seeks to establish the baseline for a discussion on proliferation finance in the (re)insurance sector. The insurance industry…

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By John Bew; Gabriel Elefteriu; Andrew Ehrhardt

The UK cannot be complacent about the continuing existence of NATO: a world without the alliance would be even more…

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By Camino Mortera-Martinez

The European Union has woken up to the threat of cyber attacks, but it’s coming late to the party. The…

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By Jay Edwards

This paper endeavours to develop a high-level, defence-wide contractorisation strategy and define how implementation could be improved to underpin the…

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By Alexander Babuta; Alex Krasodomski-Jones

This paper examines the personal security of individuals in British public life, with specific focus on politicians and government employees.

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By Various Authors

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is currently testing various options for reforming Service Accommodation through an initiative known as the…

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By Adam Hug (ed.)

The Information Battle examines the ways in which the governments of former Soviet Union (FSU) look to shape international narratives…

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