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Social mobility reports

By Peter Saunders

This report from the UK think tank Civitas reviews the evidence about social mobility in Britain. Politicians of all parties…

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By Jo Hutchinson; Sara Bonetti; Whitney Crenna-Jennings; Avinash Akhal

This report from the UK think tank Education Policy Institute looks at progress in closing the disadvantage gap in education.…

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By James Kirkup; Scott Corfe; Kathryn Petrie; Nicole Gicheva

This research report from the UK think tank Social Market Foundation seeks to understand whether and how government can use…

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By Tom Kibasi; Carys Roberts

Today, there is no prospect of child poverty ending in the UK, and we are more than 40 years away…

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By Jon Andrews; Natalie Perera

This report by the Education Policy Institute, ‘Access to high performing schools in England’, looks at the density of high…

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By Daniel Mahoney

Since the £9,000 cap, the participation rate of disadvantaged 19-year olds in higher education has increased by 4.8 percentage points.…

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By Jon Andrews; Jo Hutchinson; David Robinson

In this report the Education Policy Institute examines the progress made in closing the gap in attainment between disadvantaged pupils…

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By Various Authors

Reducing inequality in education is a challenging task where progress has been all too slow. This report reviews the evidence…

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By Nigel Keohane

The Further Education sector can be a vital driver of social mobility in Britain after Brexit, according to a new…

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By Cristina Odone

Parenting is a key factor in determining a child’s life chances; positive parenting skills can engender enduring positive values such…

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