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Will the unity of the 27 crack?

The 27 European Union member-states will be just as unified in the Brexit negotiations on the future relationship as they were on the withdrawal agreement because the EU’s integrity is

Costing Brexit: what is Whitehall spending on exiting the EU?

The vote to leave the European Union (EU) is leaving a lasting impression on the shape and size of Whitehall. There are new departments, new priorities and thousands of new

Plugging in the British

In foreign policy terms, Brexit has the potential to make the UK more autonomous but less influential, and the European Union more united but less active, unless both sides can

The United Kingdom’s contribution to European security and defence

Defence and security can potentially be positive elements in the story of the British exit from the EU. Brexit will not alter geography. The UK is a power of great

Whitehall Monitor 2018

Whitehall Monitor collects and analyses data to help those running government understand how it can be more effective, and to enable Parliament and the public to hold them to account

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Social Policy reports

By Stephen Clarke; Conor D'Arcy

The Resolution Foundation's Intergenerational Commission has analysed the breakdown of generational progress in a number of domains, including housing, the…

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By Adam Corlett, David Finch, George Bangham

In this report, our first dedicated Living Standards Outlook, we explore the prospects for household incomes and inequalities over the…

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By Matthew Whittaker

Standing at nearly £1.9 trillion, UK household debt remains a big issue. It is one that has very real and…

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By Frank Young

The Family Stability Network (FASTN) and Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) are jointly calling for new guidance on Relationships and…

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By Various Authors

One of the most pressing problems facing the UK Government today remains the huge variation in productivity and wealth between…

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By Otto Lehto

The idea of a universal basic income (UBI) is that the state should give to all citizens (or residents) a…

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By Maurice Saatchi; Dominic Nutt

A Royal Commission for the NHS: The Remit sets out how a Royal Commission can ensure the NHS delivers the…

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By Toby Phillips

The implementation of Universal Credit, by combining six in- and out-of-work benefits into one, could provide a much needed refocus…

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By Laura Gardiner

This report assesses the role that intergenerational family transfers – inheritances and gifts – will play in addressing the generational…

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