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Leaving lockdown

This latest report from UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society looks at the impact of Covid-19

Weaponising Covid-19

This latest report, from UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society looks at attempts to blame Covid-19

A sporting chance

This latest report from UK think tank Onward looks at the financial state of sports clubs across

Meeting the promise of the 2010 Constitution: Devolution, gender and equality in Kenya

This latest report from UK think tank Chatham House looks at the importance of devolution in enhancing

Building a social stimulus to tackle COVID-19

This latest report from UK think tank Onward looks at how communities are responding to the coronavirus

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Society & Diversity reports

By Emma Webb

The British taxpayer has handed over more than £6 million to charities that are currently, or have been in the…

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By Alexander Fritz Englund

Populism is on the rise, especially in Europe. Determining the causes is of crucial political importance. Some claim that “neoliberal”…

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By Susan Harris Rimmer

Through the use of policy and spending levers, governments can play four primary roles in encouraging procurement from enterprises owned…

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By James Dobson; Freddie Lloyd; Ryan Shorthouse

Discrimination and the abuse of human rights are immoral, unjust and illegal barriers to individual freedom and flourishing. Tackling them…

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By Joe Shalam

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has long championed the power of sport to transform lives.  Like many others we…

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By Pheobe Griffith; Marley Morris

Our current immigration system lacks a strategic mission. For too long, the development of immigration policy has been driven by…

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By Various Authors

Analysis of more than 10,000 Europeans has identified six distinct groups of voters across the continent – challenging the polarized…

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By Phillip Blond; Mark Morrin; Tom Follett

Reform is essential in facing up to England’s economic and political challenges. Local government has, some places, risen to the…

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By Frank Young

New CSJ report sets out the extent of public support for government talking about family stability

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Covid-19 and Social Media – meeting challenges using lessons learned from countering terrorism

This event, hosted by UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society will discuss new challenges for social media following Covid-19.…

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