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Overcrowded islands?

This latest report from UK think tank Civitas discusses the challenges of demographic change for the United

Spending on parks and neighbourhood services in Scotland

This latest report from UK think tank New Policy Institute looks at spend on parks and open

Local delivery – protecting social infrastructure

This latest report from UK think tank Localis looks at how communities have adapted their social infrastructure

Leaving lockdown

This latest report from UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society looks at the impact of Covid-19

Weaponising Covid-19

This latest report, from UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society looks at attempts to blame Covid-19

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Society & Diversity reports

By Joe Shalam

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has long championed the power of sport to transform lives.  Like many others we…

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By Pheobe Griffith; Marley Morris

Our current immigration system lacks a strategic mission. For too long, the development of immigration policy has been driven by…

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By Various Authors

Analysis of more than 10,000 Europeans has identified six distinct groups of voters across the continent – challenging the polarized…

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By Phillip Blond; Mark Morrin; Tom Follett

Reform is essential in facing up to England’s economic and political challenges. Local government has, some places, risen to the…

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By Frank Young

New CSJ report sets out the extent of public support for government talking about family stability

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By Luke Raikes

In 2030 the northern powerhouse will be run by the millennial generation. For the first time they and their successors…

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By Luigi Scazzieri; John Longford

The EU’s response to migrants crossing the Mediterranean is shifting from internal reforms to deals with countries in Africa and…

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By Tom Wilson

A new Henry Jackson Society report has warned that the public sector organisations and elected officials are partnering with the…

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By Matthew Elliott

A landmark study of public opinion in the UK post the General Election has found that there is widespread support…

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