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Immigration: picking the low-hanging fruits

Opinion surveys consistently show that the British public is overwhelmingly hostile to immigration. This widespread hostility actively

All immigration is local

The SMF ‘All Immigration is Local’ report has found that local pressures due to immigration could be

Why Europe needs legal migration and how to sell it

European leaders should make a more forceful case for legal migration pathways into the European Union and

The carers’ covenant

The rise of informal carers is one of the biggest demographic shifts in recent British history. We

Out of the shadows

Immigration has been one of the most divisive and salient issues shaping Western political life over the

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Society & Diversity reports

By Olivia Bailey; Lewis Baston

A new Fabian Society report, warns the fragility in Labour’s coalition could cost Labour the next election. New qualitative research also…

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By Various Authors

Social action on social media is a picture of contrasts. For those for whom the online world feels like home,…

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By Richard Mallett

This briefing explores international labour migration against the backdrop of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It uses a ‘decent…

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By Stephen Gelb; Aarti Krishnan

In this briefing, we discuss the technology–migration nexus and show its significance to a range of SDGs and achieving the…

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By James Frith MP

11 Labour MPs elected in 2017 have come together to propose a series of measures to reform parliament. New Brooms,…

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By Mark A. Walter; Alex Krasodomski-Jones

In an age where hate and prejudice transfer seamlessly from online conversations to our communities, we have a duty to…

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By David S Oderberg

We live in a liberal, pluralistic, largely secular society where, in theory, there is fundamental protection for freedom of conscience…

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By Matt Warman MP

Laws covering both political campaigning and the structure and transparency of government must be changed to restore public faith in…

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By Kathleen Henehan; Helena Rose

Over the past two decades ethnic minority groups have made substantial gains in relation to education and employment. The share…

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