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Preventing youth homelessness

This report examines how well local authorities in England prevent and respond to youth homelessness. It assesses

Building on success

This report from the UK think tank Social Market Foundation seeks to understand the factors affecting non-continuation

Open and ethical

Human rights abuses, immigration scandals and poor decision-making have left the immigration system in need of urgent

Generation Why?

What is driving the age gap in British politics and how the centre right can respond.

Rethinking refugee support

This report finds that recent changes in EU border management have limited refugees’ movement across Europe, and

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Society & Diversity reports

By Emma Fox

This report catalogues 204 events promoted to students in the academic year 2017/18 featuring speakers with a history of extreme…

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By Dr Kristian Niemietz

Opinion surveys consistently show that the British public is overwhelmingly hostile to immigration. This widespread hostility actively shapes our immigration…

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By Jonathan Thomas

The SMF ‘All Immigration is Local’ report has found that local pressures due to immigration could be better addressed by…

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By Camino Mortera-Martinez; Beth Oppenheim

European leaders should make a more forceful case for legal migration pathways into the European Union and better integration of…

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By John Jenkins; Trevor Phillips

A new definition of Islamophobia proposed by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims would “make life harder” for Muslims…

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By Phoebe Griffith; Abida Malik

There is widespread acceptance that the social and economic disengagement of women from Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities remains a challenge,…

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By Ben Glover

The rise of informal carers is one of the biggest demographic shifts in recent British history. We estimate there are…

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By Sophia Gaston; Dr Joseph e. Uscinski

Immigration has been one of the most divisive and salient issues shaping Western political life over the past decade, with…

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By Thiemo Fetzer

The UK vote to leave the European Union is widely seen as a watershed moment in UK History and European…

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