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Opportunities knocked?

Over the past two decades ethnic minority groups have made substantial gains in relation to education and

All politics is local

For democracy to work, individuals need to have confidence that government decisions are made because they are

Immigration: an opportunity to lead

Some British politicians are in danger of misjudging public opinion on immigration. Not only the UK’s immigration

The state of the union

The State of the Union is a new paper by renowned historian Professor Arthur Aughey, of Ulster

Burning Britain?

The Prime Minister has, from the outset of her premiership, proclaimed her desire to tackle Britain’s ‘burning

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Society & Diversity reports

By Various Authors

In April 2018, heads of government from across the Commonwealth gather for the Commonwealth Summit to discuss the future of…

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By Kate Andrews

Despite an influx of new gender pay gap data – ranging from negative gaps, to gaps exceeding 60% – the…

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By Emma Fox

An initiative branded as a campaign to fight Islamophobia in fact provided a platform for extremism across the public and…

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By Various Authors

Britain faces a series of great challenges in the years ahead. Political, technological and demographic changes are underway that will…

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By Frank Young

The Family Stability Network (FASTN) and Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) are jointly calling for new guidance on Relationships and…

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By Emma Webb

The British taxpayer has handed over more than £6 million to charities that are currently, or have been in the…

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By Alexander Fritz Englund

Populism is on the rise, especially in Europe. Determining the causes is of crucial political importance. Some claim that “neoliberal”…

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By Susan Harris Rimmer

Through the use of policy and spending levers, governments can play four primary roles in encouraging procurement from enterprises owned…

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By Henry Newman; Stephen Booth; Aarti Shankar

In this paper – the first part of Open Europe’s Immigration Project – we set out to examine what the…

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