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Opportunities knocked?

Over the past two decades ethnic minority groups have made substantial gains in relation to education and

All politics is local

For democracy to work, individuals need to have confidence that government decisions are made because they are

Immigration: an opportunity to lead

Some British politicians are in danger of misjudging public opinion on immigration. Not only the UK’s immigration

The state of the union

The State of the Union is a new paper by renowned historian Professor Arthur Aughey, of Ulster

Burning Britain?

The Prime Minister has, from the outset of her premiership, proclaimed her desire to tackle Britain’s ‘burning

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Society & Diversity reports

By Alex Krasodomski-Jones

This report used data from 2,000 Twitter users who openly state their affiliation to a political party to explore the…

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By Various Authors

The data on happiness come from self-reports of individuals’ feelings of well-being, and each respondent is free to define happiness…

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By Various Authors

In the most extensive research of British Muslims ever conducted, Policy Exchange in conjunction with the polling company ICM surveyed…

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By Laura Round; Kate Murray

With the launch of the Casey Review this month sparking fresh debate about the state of integration in the UK,…

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By Saskia Greenhalgh

Business is one of the best tools for social mobility that society has; driving employment and economic growth, and facilitating…

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By Various Authors

The events of 23rd June 2016 must kick-start a national conversation aimed at understanding why there are such deep divides…

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By Ryan Shorthouse; David Kirkby

This report is the third from this project. Drawing on key centre-right themes and priorities, it outlines Bright Blue’s manifesto…

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How do we end serious youth violence and why have politicians failed to get a grip on it?

It is time for us to confront fundamental state failure and to recognise that we need a paradigm shift in…

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