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Anarchy in the UK (and everywhere else)

This report from the UK think tank the Social Market Foundation sheds new light on the recent

Measuring the disability pay gap in London

This report from the UK think tank the Social Market Foundation looks at the disability pay gap

Holy alliances

This report from the UK think tank Demos looks at building church-secular partnerships for social good. 'Holy

A lost tribe

This report from the UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society looks at Britain’s young Eurosceptics. The

Speaking up

This report from the UK think tank the British Future looks at the case for universal fluency

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Society & Diversity reports

By Rt Hon Gisela Stuart; Hugh Carveth

For democracy to work, individuals need to have confidence that government decisions are made because they are good for them…

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By Jamie Bartlett; Josh Smith; Rose Acton

Demos has been commissioned by the ICO to examine current and emerging trends in how data is used in political campaigns. Their new…

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By Jonathan Thomas

Some British politicians are in danger of misjudging public opinion on immigration. Not only the UK’s immigration policy, but also…

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By Peter Kenway; Issy Petrie

Councils in Northern Ireland are responsible for considerably less public spending than their counterparts in Wales or Scotland: only 4%,…

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By Alex Krasodomski-Jones

Individuals in public life face a diverse range of potential threats from numerous sources with different potential causes and consequences.…

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By Marley Morris

The charity sector is far from immune from the effects of Brexit. As the UK leaves the EU and imposes…

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By Sophie Gaston; Sacha Hilhorst

An appeal to a glorious past has been a prominent feature of European politics in recent years. While there are…

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By Catherine Colebrook; Charlotte Snelling; Sarah Longlands

The UK has a gender pay gap: within industries, within occupations, and within organisations, women tend to earn less per…

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By Sophie Gaston; Peter Harrison-Evans

A new report from Demos explores the challenges faced by traditional media organisations in responding to the new landscape of…

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