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Reforming business rates: fixing a broken system

This report from UK think tank the Centre for Cities provides a plan for ensuring that a reformed

A framework for the future: reforming the UK tax system

This report from UK think tank the Centre for Policy Studies looks at the UK's current tax

Saving £30 billion: 9 simple steps

This report from UK think tank the Centre for Policy Studies looks at how the government could

Time for savings auto-enrolment?

This report from UK think tank the Social Market Foundation argues for a savings auto-enrolment scheme to

An intergenerational audit for the UK

This report from UK think tank Resolution Foundation provides an assessment of the initial phase of the

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Taxation reports

By Luke Murphy; Charlotte Snelling; Alfie Stirling

Council tax is considered by many to be in the ‘too difficult to touch’ box when it comes to reform.…

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By Grace Blakeley

Over the last decade a substantial reduction in the effective rate of corporation tax has been accompanied by a rise…

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By Alfie Stirling

This policy paper sets out a mechanism for improving the progressivity, efficiency and revenue raising potential of income taxes in…

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By Diego Zuluaga

Offshore financial centres (OFCs) are alleged to be hotbeds of tax evasion. Their role in facilitating individual and corporate tax…

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By Dr Eamonn Butler; Paul Saper

Eamonn Butler and Paul Saper argue that a long-term solution for social care requires older but wealthier people contributing more…

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By Various Authors

Foreign aid is often exempt from taxation in recipient countries. Research on the topic is sparse, debate infrequent, and the…

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By Len Shackleton

1. It is claimed that robots, algorithms and artificial intelligence are going to destroy jobs on an unprecedented scale. 2.…

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By Various Authors

The Intergenerational Commission was convened by the Resolution Foundation to explore questions of intergenerational fairness that have risen up the…

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By Adam Corlett

Over the past 18 months, research for the Intergenerational Commission has illustrated how the assumption that each generation will do…

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