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4IR and the environment

This report from the UK think tank the Social Market Foundation (SMF) focuses on the role that

Not cashless, but less cash

This report from the UK think tank IPPR looks at economic justice and the future of UK

Free to be extreme

This report from the UK think tank The Henry Jackson Society takes a look at Islamist and

The outrage election

This report from the UK think tank Demos analyses data on abuse, insults and personal attacks during the

Skills for jobs that don’t yet exist

This report from the UK think tank ResPublica looks at a new system for work in the

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Technology reports

By Shanker Singham

The European Union’s approach to competition law and enforcement demonstrates an attitude in the high-tech and media sector, that –…

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By Shanker Singham

The new media economy operates differently from other industries when it comes to regulation. The marginal costs of technological giants…

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By Elena Magrini; Naomi Clayton

Technology is transforming the world of work. Demand for physical skills is declining, while analytical and interpersonal skills, coordination and critical…

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By Carys Roberts; Grace Blakeley; Luke Murphy

The UK is a wealthy nation but that wealth is very unevenly distributed. This has negative implications for both economic…

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By Miriam Denis Le Sève; Nathaniel Mason & Darius Nassiry

By placing trust and authority in a decentralised network, rather than in a powerful central institution, blockchain – the technology…

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By Scott Corfe

This report examines the potential benefits that could be realised from the rollout of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in…

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By Daniel El-Gamry; twitLuke Heselwood

The report assesses the progress of HMRC in its attempt to adopt Smarter Working principles. Smarter Working is an approach…

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By Alexander Babuta; Marion Oswald; Christine Rinik

This report seeks to critically assess specific multidisciplinary issues relevant to the use of machine learning algorithms for policing, and…

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By Various Authors

Social action on social media is a picture of contrasts. For those for whom the online world feels like home,…

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China’s pursuit of advanced dual-use technologies

This report from the UK think tank IISS examines China's path to achieving civil–military integration and to developing advanced dual-use…

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