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Data to the people

This latest report from UK think tank Onward looks at how the UK can use tech and

Pass the remote

This latest report from UK think tank the IEA looks at the realities of homeworking. In recent

Coronavirus response shows disinformation is the new normal

This latest report from UK think tank the Foreign Policy Centre looks at DIsinformation in the Covoid19

Let us face the future again

This latest report from UK think tank the Fabian Society looks at a new vision for the

The future of democracy in Europe

This latest report from UK think tank Chatham House discusses the crisis in liberal democracy and the

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Technology reports

By Alexander Babuta; Marion Oswald; Christine Rinik

This report seeks to critically assess specific multidisciplinary issues relevant to the use of machine learning algorithms for policing, and…

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By Various Authors

Social action on social media is a picture of contrasts. For those for whom the online world feels like home,…

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By Russell Gunson; Chris Murray; Ian Williamson

A truly successful skills system could bring vast benefits to Northern Ireland and Scotland. Both are on the cusp of…

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By Stephen Gelb; Aarti Krishnan

In this briefing, we discuss the technology–migration nexus and show its significance to a range of SDGs and achieving the…

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By Dr Madsen Pirie; Jamie Hollywood

Agriculture is on the cusp of an historic change that could see billions access meat at affordable prices, while reducing…

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By Simon Jeffrey; Lahari Ramuni

Digital connectivity has played a role in changing the economic, social and physical fabric of UK cities. Full fibre connections…

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By Jamie Bartlett; Josh Smith; Rose Acton

Demos has been commissioned by the ICO to examine current and emerging trends in how data is used in political…

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By Sarah Longlands; Anna Round; Tom Kibasi

This report presents the findings of IPPR's research into the tech startup ecosystem in London at a time of deep…

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The rise of the robot - good for business but bad for employees?

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China’s pursuit of advanced dual-use technologies

This report from the UK think tank IISS examines China's path to achieving civil–military integration and to developing advanced dual-use…

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