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Terrorism reports

By Emma Webb (Editor)

This report from UK think tank Civitas provides a collective look at deradicalisation and reintegration of Islamist offenders. Following the…

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By Emily Winterbotham

This report from UK think tank RUSI looks at the effectiveness of the Prevention Project in countering violent extremism. The…

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By Kayla Izenman; Tom Keatinge

This latest report from UK think tank RUSI looks at how corruption enables terrorism. This paper divides its analysis across…

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By Dr Rakib Ehsan; Dr Paul Stott

This report from UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society comments on ideas contained in far-Right terrorist manifestos. An analysis…

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By Lana Estemirova

This report from UK think tank The Foreign Policy Centre on de-radicalisation tactics. As Britain was shaken by its third…

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By Emma Fox

This report by the UK think tank The Henry Jackson Society examines the Islamic Human Rights Commission's wider extremist links…

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By Sarosh Bana

The latest policy briefing from the UK think tank 'The Foreign Policy Centre' looks at US, Indian and Japanese efforts…

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By Nikita Malik

At least 156 children have been subject to care proceedings over concerns of extremism risks, according to a new study…

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By Katie Morris

Katie Morris argues that governments across Europe regularly invoke the threat of terrorism to limit freedom of expression beyond what…

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By Najah Al-Otaibi

The British Government must extend and deepen its relationship with Gulf states in order to tackle the root causes of…

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