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Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

This report from UK think tank EPICENTER looks at the adoption of a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Conflicting estimates of the benefits of freer trade with the United States

This report from UK think tank Civitas looks at the different estimates from the European Commission vs

Reforming the World Trade Organization

This report from UK think tank Chatham House looks at the prospects for transatlantic cooperation and the

A ripper deal: The case for free trade and movement between Australia and the United Kingdom

This report from UK think tank Adam Smith Institute looks at free trade and movement between Australia

Trade and regulation after Brexit

This report from UK think tank the Institute for Government looks at why the UK government needs

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Trade reports

By Nick King

'Herding Unicorns', published today by the Centre for Policy Studies, supported by UK tech firm Deliveroo, reveals how Britain can…

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By David Adam

The latest report from the BFPG “Manchester: Soft Power Entrepreneur” by David Adams, explains how Manchester has developed an enviable…

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By Veerle Nouwens

This Occasional Paper explores China's Maritime Silk Road in economic and political terms, its maritime routes, its key destinations and…

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By Bob Seely; James Rogers

In this report, Bob Seely MP and James Rogers ask how the United Kingdom (UK) might strengthen its global role…

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By John Hemmings; James Rogers

On 31st August 2018, HMS Albion, one of the Royal Navy’s amphibious assault ships, passed through the Paracel Islands in…

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By Yaprak Gürsoy

Dr Yaprak Gursoy, FPC Research Associate and Lecturer at Aston University, outlines some of the implications of Brexit for the…

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By Sam Lowe

British financial services exports to the European Union could plunge by more than half if Theresa May follows through on…

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By Nima Sanandaji

During the twentieth century, economic sanctions became more prevalent. In the twenty-first century they have become a frequently used tool…

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By Various Authors

Free trade improves the well-being of all parties to it. The most significant way that trade achieves this outcome is…

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The future of UK-China relations post Covid-19

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