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By James Smith

Household incomes are around £1,500 year lower today than they were expected to be before the Brexit referendum – with…

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By Carys Roberts; Grace Blakeley; Luke Murphy

The UK is a wealthy nation but that wealth is very unevenly distributed. This has negative implications for both economic…

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By Various authors

Established in autumn 2016 in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, the aim of the IPPR…

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By Dr Gerard Lyons

As the world’s leading international financial centre, London faces fascinating opportunities as well as some significant challenges in coming years.…

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By James Rogers

The reality of British geopolitical capability means Britain is poised to thrive post-Brexit. Is Britain in decline? Following the EU…

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By IPPR Commission on Economic Justice

The British economic model needs fundamental reform. It is no longer generating rising earnings for a majority of the population,…

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By Stephen Clarke

Almost a year after voting to leave the European Union the negotiations for the UK’s departure began on 19th June…

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By Dr Graham Gudgin

The models used to assess the economic impact of Brexit were misleading, according to new analysis published today by Policy…

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By Professor Len Shackleton

This report charts the growth of government intervention in labour markets over the past twenty years, the problems with its…

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