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Wages reports

By Nye Cominetti; Kathleen Henehan; Stephen Clarke

This report from the UK think tank Resolution Foundation is their ninth annual report on low pay in the UK.…

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By Tom Kibasi; Carys Roberts

Today, there is no prospect of child poverty ending in the UK, and we are more than 40 years away…

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By George Bangham; Stephen Clarke

The pay of Britain’s workers has rarely been out of the news in the past decade. The unprecedented squeeze on…

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By Stephen Clarke

In Q3 2017 labour market observers were looking for signs that nominal pay growth could finally be picking up or…

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By Nigel Keohane

The ‘fair markets’ agenda forms a major truss of the Government’s domestic policy programme. And, rightly so: too many people…

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By Giovanni Caccavello

On 28 September 2017, the European Parliament Employment and Social Affairs Committee (EMPL) will vote on an initiative by Spanish…

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By John Myers

New report explains how politicians can easily end the housing crisis, boost the economy and win more votes. The UK’s…

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By Len Shackleton; Jamie Whyte

The Taylor Review calls for increased regulation of flexible work. But it ignores the costs these interventions will cause by…

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By Various Authors

In this report we provide the first comprehensive look at the living standards of UK households in the year leading…

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