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Widening chasms

This report from UK think tank Bright Blue examines the differences in Universal Credit uptake to observe

UK poverty 2020/21

This report from UK think tank the Joseph Rowntree Foundation is the 21st edition of their annual

Destitution in the UK 2020

This report from UK think tank the JRF reveals that even before the COVID-19 outbreak destitution was

The financial impact of COVID-19 on disabled people and their carers

This report from UK think tank JRF looks at the £20-a-week uplift to Universal Credit and why

Poverty during the Covid-19 crisis

This report from UK think tank the Legatum Institute looks at the likely impacts of Covid-19 on

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Welfare reports

By Various Authors

Government is quietly shifting costs of public services on to individuals. Where government can get people to pay directly for…

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By The Social Metrics Commission

Our CEO, Philippa Stroud established the Social Metrics Commission with the sole aim of developing new measures of poverty for…

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By Kathryn Petrie; Nigel Keohane

The social care system is in need of reform, at present people are not protected from the catastrophic costs that…

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By David Finch

The long implementation of Universal Credit (UC) has been far from smooth and we’ve become all too used to negative…

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By Professor Len Shackleton

The National Minimum/Living Wage system has become too complicated, making unintentional non-compliance a problem, and is in danger of becoming…

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By Tom Kelsey

In 1974, the Labour government established a Royal Commission on the Distribution of Income and Wealth, which was known as…

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By Ben Baumberg Geiger

Demos is excited to announce the launch of a new report from academic Ben Baumberg Geiger and Demos think tank, which…

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By David Finch; George Bangham; Toby Phillips

This research paper looks at what people put in and take out from the welfare state over their lifetime, updating…

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By Otto Lehto

The idea of a universal basic income (UBI) is that the state should give to all citizens (or residents) a…

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