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Measuring the disability pay gap in London

This report from the UK think tank the Social Market Foundation looks at the disability pay gap

Holy alliances

This report from the UK think tank Demos looks at building church-secular partnerships for social good. 'Holy

Looked-after children: the silent crisis

This report from the UK think tank the Social Market Foundation gives a 2019 update on the

There is an alternative

This report from the UK think tank IPPR looks at ending austerity in the UK. Since 2010/11,

Social care: free at the point of need

This report from the UK think tank IPPR examines the case for free personal care in England.

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Welfare reports

By Otto Lehto

The idea of a universal basic income (UBI) is that the state should give to all citizens (or residents) a…

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By Toby Phillips

The implementation of Universal Credit, by combining six in- and out-of-work benefits into one, could provide a much needed refocus…

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By Laura Gardiner; David Finch

Recent strong growth in the incomes of pensioner households and reductions in pensioner poverty are to be welcomed. But set…

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By Laura Gardiner

Beyond facing down expected economic downgrades and clarifying the direction on Brexit, resetting the agenda on intergenerational fairness has emerged…

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By David Finch; Daniel Tomlinson; Mike Brewer

This Autumn marks the point at which the full Universal Credit system – serving all types of cases, rather than…

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By Daniel Mahoney

According to Rupert Harrison, George Osborne’s former special adviser, the triple lock on pensions was a Liberal Democrat demand for…

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By Simone Vibert

Demos has been undertaking research into the hidden costs associated with a motor neurone disease (MND) diagnosis for both individuals,…

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By David Finch

Our pre-election series of briefing notes have so far centred on the main parties’ approaches to deficit reduction and to…

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By David Finch; Helena Rose

This report provides an insight into the financial situation of those older low to middle income households highlighting the living…

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