Teacher recruitment, progression and retention in multi-academy trusts

This report from the UK think tank Education Policy Institute looks at how multi-academy trusts manage their workforce.

The academy sector has quickly risen to become a significant employer in the English education system: 44% of the school workforce now work in an academy, and over 50% of children are educated in one. This report, published in partnership with Ambition Institute and Cambridge Assessment, aims to improve our understanding of how multi-academy trusts (MATs) manage and develop the workforce within their schools, and examine what good practice looks like. It explores the hypothesis that the academy trust model has the potential to provide a more flexible approach to developing, retaining, progressing and deploying staff. MATs are able to deploy teachers by either operating staff across multiple schools or moving staff more readily between them. Overall, the Education Policy Institute’s analysis indicates that we are not yet seeing the benefits of higher teacher retention in MATs. While the research found that teachers and school leaders progress faster in MATs than elsewhere in the system – gaining promoting to senior leadership positions at a young age – it also found that there is a higher turnover of staff in these trusts, including teachers leaving the profession.

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