The 2020 Legatum Prosperity Index

This report from UK think tank the Legatum Institute measures national prosperity based on institutional, economic, and social wellbeing.

The Legatum Prosperity Index™ analyses the performance of 167 nations across 66 policy-focused elements, measured by almost 300 country-level indicators. The Index enables us to construct a thoroughly comprehensive picture of prosperity, across its institutional, economic, and social dimensions. It is our ambition that leaders around the world will use the Index to help set their agendas for growth and development, and that it will enable others to hold them to account. Using the Prosperity Index framework, nations around the world can assess their strengths and weaknesses in order to determine the economic and strategic choices that need to be made to drive greater levels of prosperity. Key findings from the 2020 report reveal that in the decade prior to COVID-19, global prosperity had risen continuously, driven by people’s lived experience improving and by more open economies. Moreover, People’s lived experience improved due to better education and living conditions across all regions. Health also improved in all regions except for North America. Economies had also become more open, due to improvements to communication and transport infrastructure, strengthened property rights, greater protections for investors and increased access to finance.

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