The impact of Covid-19

This latest briefing from UK think tank The Foreign Policy Centre looks at international cooperation through the coronavirus outbreak.

FPC Senior Adviser Craig Oliphant sets out the case for maintaining and strengthening international cooperation in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak. He argues against the temptation to cut back on international aid and points to the ways in which failing to support vulnerable states and conflict prevention at this critical time could lead to further catastrophe. He draws attention to the ways in which the outbreak is leading to democratic backsliding and empowering authoritarian regimes, while exploring how it is further sharpening inequalities. He describes the outbreak as a ‘threat multiplier’ that can undermine already fragile states and situations across the world. While much of the international response will focus on issues related to Covid-19 he argues it is essential that other challenges from conflict to education aren’t ignored. Governments will need to work collaboratively and smartly with NGOs to respond to current and emerging challenges, ensuring the sector can continue to operate.

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