The whole society approach

This report from UK think tank IPPR looks at making a giant leap on childhood health by looking at growing levels of ‘health risk’.

Health improved radically in the 20th century, but progress has since stalled. The UK has the opportunity to make another ‘giant leap’ forward; to achieve this, the government will need to address growing levels of ‘health risk’ faced by children. Any progress would be good for health, business and the economy. A recent increase in ambition, as shown by government’s ‘obesity strategy’ announcement in July 2020, is good, but we must still go further and faster. In particular, we need to: expand ambition from obesity to all health issues tackle the link between childhood health and issues like marginalisation, poverty and deprivation ensure we are using the full range of levers offered by a collective approach. This report outlines what we call a ‘whole society’ approach, designed to make these gains.

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