The British Foreign Policy Group is an independent, non-partisan think tank dedicated to advancing the UK’s global influence, at a crucial time in the nation’s modern history. To achieve this, we produce dynamic events and high-quality research, and facilitate networks amongst stakeholders with a vested interest in Britain’s international engagement. We are a neutral, but politically minded convenor – with a sophisticated understanding of the realities of the political landscape, without being bound by the constraints of legacy structures and partisan ideologies.

Our Values

We support Britain as a strong, engaged and influential global actor. We promote democratic values, liberal societies, and the power of multilateralism – and we recognise Britain’s critical international responsibility to uphold and extend these throughout the world.

Our Objectives

Our core objective is to bridge the link between the domestic and international spheres – recognising that Britain’s foreign policy choices and challenges are shaped by our social landscape at home, and the political constraints of our allies and the autocratic states that challenge our interests. We appreciate the paradox that Britain must define its global image, at a time when it has never in modern history been more divided at home.

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Recent Reports

By Sophia Gaston; Evie Aspinall

This report from UK think tank BFPG looks at how the election will shape multilateralism, transatlantic relations, and the special…

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By Sophia Gaston; Rana Mitter OBE

This report from UK think tank BFPG looks at the UK's relations with China. This report from the British Foreign…

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By Sophia Gaston

This report from UK think tank BFPG looks at the preferences, values and ambitions of the British public for Global…

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By Flora Holmes

This report from UK think tank BFPG looks at the decline in support for UK military interventionism since 2001.  The evidence…

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By Sam Goodman

This report from the UK think tank BFPG looks at the decline of the Foreign Office and the case for…

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By Edward Elliott; Sophia Gaston

This report from the UK think tank BFPG shows Britons are deeply divided about Britain’s future role in the world.…

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By David Adam

The latest report from the BFPG “Manchester: Soft Power Entrepreneur” by David Adams, explains how Manchester has developed an enviable…

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By Edward Elliott; Dr. Thomas Mills

The latest British Foreign Policy Group report, “Revitalising UK-Latin America Engagement post-Brexit”, provides an extensive analysis of the UK’s foreign…

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