Institute of Development Studies

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a global research and learning organisation for equitable and sustainable change.

We believe passionately that cutting-edge research, knowledge and mutual learning are crucial in shaping the transformations needed to reduce inequalities, accelerate sustainability and build more inclusive and secure societies. We are committed to collaborating closely with local civil society, governments, international NGOs, citizens, donors, researchers and many others to realise this positive change.

IDS has been working with partners to tackle complex development challenges in this way since 1966 and publishes a wide range of high-quality outputs, including the IDS Bulletin, an open access, peer-reviewed journal exploring emerging international development challenges.

IDS also has a teaching and learning programme including master’s degrees, PhD research programmes and professional development short courses. In partnership with the University of Sussex, IDS is ranked first in the world for development studies by the QS University Rankings.

Based in Brighton, IDS is home to around 200 staff and 300 students, but the IDS community extends far beyond, encompassing an extensive global network of over 360 partners and 3,300 alumni.

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Recent Reports

By John Gaventa; Katy Oswald

This report highlights key findings from the work of the Action for Empowerment and Accountability Research Programme (A4EA), examining how…

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By Various Authors

This report describes the environmental destruction and damage to health and livelihoods caused by the plastic pollution crisis. It outlines…

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By Ayesha Khan; Sana Naqvi

Even with constitutional protections, women’s entry into the political arena in Pakistan is still subject to religious and ideological debate.…

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By Deepta Chopra

This report provides evidence on the lived experiences of women in India, Nepal, Rwanda, and Tanzania in low-income families, as…

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By Ben Ramalingam; Becky Faith; Pedro Prieto Martín; Kevin Hernandez

As new technologies and digital business models disrupt the status quo and reshape economies, interest has surged in the potential…

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