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Open Europe is a non-partisan and independent policy think tank with offices in London and Brussels. Our mission is to conduct rigorous analysis and produce recommendations on which to base the UK’s new relationship with the EU and its trading relationships with the rest of the world. We aim to inform Government policy and public debate.

Our programme of research currently focuses on:

  • The political and policy considerations arising from the ongoing Brexit process, particularly negotiations with the EU, the question of the Irish backstop, and the parliamentary impasse;
  • The UK’s future relationship with the EU, including trade, security and political cooperation;
  • The opportunities for new trading relationships with nations outside the EU;
  • The future of the European Union after Brexit;
  • International cooperation across areas such as immigration, research and development, cross-border investment and financial services.

Our starting point is the promotion of democratically grounded economic, trade and investment policies which foster growth, employment and freedom under the rule of law. Guided by these free market and liberal principles, we are committed to an open Europe and an open Britain.

Open Europe was neutral during the 2016 EU referendum, but our current position is that the result of the referendum should be respected. Our goal remains to comment as accurately as possible on the arguments and facts advanced on all sides of the debate. Open Europe’s experts regularly appear in the international media, providing analysis on Brexit and UK and EU politics.

We conduct influential research aimed at promoting new ideas among key policy makers, business people and academics. We also organise events, publish original blogs and cover key news from around Europe in our newsletters.

Open Europe has been described as  “the most influential European think tank in Westminster” by The Economist and “one of the think tanks closest to Downing Street” by The Guardian. It was awarded “International Think Tank of the Year 2012” by Prospect magazine.

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By Dominic Walsh

This report from the UK think tank Open Europe assesses the issues raised by No Deal and proposes an action plan…

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By Dr. David C. Shiels

This report from the UK think tank Open Europe looks at finding a way through the backstop impasse. The UK’s…

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By Anna Nadibaidze

This briefing from the UK think tank Open Europe looks at unanswered questions for the UK and the EU in…

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By Dominic Walsh; Zoe Alipranti

In a new briefing, Open Europe analyses the upcoming 2019 European Parliamentary elections and their potential consequences, both in terms…

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By Dominic Walsh

After the Withdrawal Agreement was voted down in Parliament on January 15 by 230 votes, the UK Government has focused…

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By Aarti Shankar; David Shiels; Dominic Walsh; Stephen Booth

In a new briefing note, Open Europe examines what changes to the Irish backstop protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement could…

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By Aarti Shankar; David Shiels; Dominic Walsh; Stephen Booth

Ahead of the upcoming 'meaningful vote' in Parliament, Open Europe publishes a new report examining the detail of UK-EU Brexit…

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By David Shiels; Dominic Walsh

In this paper, Open Europe examines how the UK and EU arrived at the current impasse over the Irish backstop…

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