ResPublica is one of the country’s most successful public policy think tanks. We’ve achieved by this being radical in our thought, and persistent in our representations to policy-makers, all based on rigorously-evidenced proposals. Our work has been adopted by both Government and Opposition, and we frequently contribute evidence to Parliamentary Select Committees. Our ideas and recommendations have been endorsed by regulators, high-profile commissions, leading commentators, faith leaders, senior civil servants and entrepreneurs. Our work is consistently featured in local, national and international media outlets and we often provide viewpoints and commentary for current affairs discussions. We look ahead of the curve, and our publications and events remain independent from political agendas, Whitehall and private enterprise, and are guided by our political philosophy and our mission.

Our founding principles and beliefs are what uniquely define us. We believe in a strong society, widespread prosperity and the recovery of virtue. We want to see more power devolved to people and places; an end to the disparity between the asset rich and those without property; and the embodiment of virtuous practice in institutions, businesses and people.

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Recent Reports

By Prof. Jacopo Torriti

This report from UK think tank ResPublica looks at meeting the UK’s net-zero emissions and clean growth targets. This report…

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By Various Authors

This report from UK think tank ResPublica looks at the arguments for place-based devolution. The long-awaited Devolution White Paper is…

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By Iain Smit; Stephen K. Smith; Phillip Blond

This latest report from UK think tank ResPublica looks at productive change that has been tested and proven in real…

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By Joe Cowen; Mark Morrin

This report from the UK think tank ResPublica looks at a new system for work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.…

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By Mark Morrin; Jack Aldane; Hamza King

This report from the UK think tank ResPublica is a review of research, policy, and practice on asbestos. It has…

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By Mark Morrin; Howard Reed

This report makes the case for a place-based approach to building credit. We argue that improving aggregate credit scores at…

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By Joe Cowen; Mark Morrin

‘Coming Home to Roost: The Poultry Meat Industry after Brexit’ identifies the main economic, societal and environmental risks to the…

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By Tim Cowen; Phillip Blond

The online gambling industry is an industry that makes more than half of its profits from those at risk and…

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Senior Policy Researcher x 2

ResPublica is looking to recruit 2 talented and experienced Senior Policy Researchers to play an instrumental role in the research and development of future policy ideas, and deliver on current projects. This are senior roles, so candidates are expected to have at least 5 years of working experience in a relevant field (practitioner, academic, research… Read more »

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