Tony Blair: devolution, Brexit and the future of the Union

The UK think tank Institute for Government interviews Tony Blair on devolution, Brexit and the future of the Union.

Brexit places the Union of the United Kingdom at risk, with politicians “underestimating the struggle” that will follow if the UK leaves the European Union, argues Tony Blair in a new interview with IfG Director Bronwen Maddox. The former Prime Minister, the prime architect of devolution that, 20 years ago, reshaped the UK’s constitution, handing more power to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, adds that Brexit risks pushing “us into a position where that kind of gets Scottish independence over the line”. Blair was also concerned that the “destructive force” of Brexit in Northern Ireland could create “a feeling towards a border poll that just wasn’t present during the years that I was in office.” He was speaking to the IfG ahead of the 20th anniversary of those radical reforms, in which the UK changed the structure of its government with a speed that confounds its international image as a country bound by tradition.

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