Transatlantic relations

The report makes the case that transatlantic relationship may currently be traversing a period of divergence, this need not lead to a structural split over the longer term. Notwithstanding the present choppy waters, the fundamentals in relations between the US and Europe remain strong, and the prospects are mostly positive. It will be important, however, that leaders on both sides of the Atlantic maintain their focus on the structural drivers of potential convergence and divergence, and take steps to mitigate the risks of long-term divisions – chief among them: Valuing transatlantic cooperation as a goal in and of itself. Supporting transatlantic immigration. Reinforcing transatlantic energy flows. Rebuilding and strengthening institutions and norms. Better assessing – and balancing – US and European capabilities. Conducting joint analysis. Promoting transatlantic bridges between non-state actors. Engaging more often in transatlantic public debate.

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