Trump, Europe and the Middle East peace process

The prospects for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict are receding as Israel tightens its control over the West Bank. President Trump appears genuinely committed to push for peace, but chances of a breakthrough are slim. Luigi Scazzieri argues that rather than attempting to reach an all-or-nothing final agreement, Europe and the US should pursue an incremental approach.

Scazzieri highlights that although a peace deal clearly remains far off, Europe and the US should not ignore the continuing risks to regional stability posed by the unresolved conflict.

He argues that: Europe and the US should pursue an incremental approach. They should pressure Israel to enact a phased release of land for Palestinian economic development in return for a halt to Palestinian propaganda and financial support to terrorists and their families; and that Europe should adopt a balanced approach. To increase pressure on Israel to strike a deal, it should increase existing ‘differentiation’ measures, distinguishing its economic relations with Israel from those with the occupied territories. At the same time, it should show greater appreciation of Israeli security concerns and promise deeper economic relations if a deal is struck.

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