Unexplained pupil exits from schools

This report from the UK think tank the Education Policy Institute looks at unexplained exits from English schools at a local level, national level and by pupil profile.

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) has published new research examining unexplained pupil exits from English schools. The new study builds on previous EPI research, published in April – providing the most refined estimate to date on unexplained pupil exits in the school system. For the first time, the report also highlights which school groups have the highest rates. While the number of official school exclusions is recorded by the government, less is known about the practice of schools removing pupils by other, informal means. These pupil exits are not consistently recorded or regulated. In April 2019, EPI published a report examining the prevalence of unexplained exits at a national level, for the first time highlighting the full scale of the phenomenon. The study considered pupil exits that did not appear to be instigated by families, examining both those that had taken place between schools, and those involving pupils leaving the school system entirely.

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