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The UK and Sweden have the lowest smoking rates in the European Union as a result of consumers switching from cigarettes to low risk nicotine products: specifically, e-cigarettes and snus, respectively. Public Health England and other health organisations have concluded that the health risks of vaping are unlikely to exceed five per cent of the risks of smoking. Early fears about e-cigarettes acting as a ‘gateway’ to smoking appear to be unfounded. Recent EU regulation of vaping has led to higher prices, more waste, smaller narrower product ranges, less innovation and heavy restrictions on how they can be promoted, even by government agencies. There is no evidence that these regulations have led to any positive outcomes. On the contrary, they have reduced the appeal of e-cigarettes to existing smokers and raised the costs for existing vapers. After Brexit, the UK should regulate e-cigarettes, snus and other reduced-risk nicotine products in a way that does nothing to discourage smokers from switching to them.

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