Winter is coming. HealthTech is here

Winter is coming. HealthTech is here examined how innovation and technology could help alleviate pressures and provide a solution to the NHS during the winter months. The report is based on discussions held during a Roundtable, hosted by Demos where we spoke to leading healthcare professionals and HealthTech innovators about the challenge of ending the annual winter crisis, and the opportunities and barriers in using technology and diagnostics to ease the burden. The report, which was supported by Roche Diagnostics, concluded that technologically-enabled developments such as AI-assisted analysis, rapid diagnostics and new models of remote or self-administered care have the potential to play a transformative role but both technologists and healthcare professionals need to be more open to collaboration and listening to one another to build greater understanding; for NHS providers to open their doors to innovation; for technologists to listen and respond to the problems NHS providers face; for common standards to help support a marketplace of ideas and innovation; and for the public to be empowered to influence the system from the patient perspective.

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