Policy area: Regulation



This report from UK think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs examines the economic and social consequences of anti-money laundering regulation. Debanking became a news story in 2023 when Nigel Farage alleged that Coutts had closed his account because its executives disapproved of his political opinions. A study by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) revealed...

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Cost cutters

This report from UK think tank the Fabian Society sets out how the UK can address the poverty premium and make markets work for low-income families. The recent cost-of-living crisis and fall in living standards has been unprecedented in living memory. And while the rate of inflation may have fallen, families are still struggling to...

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On the rocks

This report from UK think tank the Adam Smith Institute looks at London's nightlife crisis. London’s nightlife is a great national asset, which generates £46 billion for our economy, and helps to cement the city’s global reputation. Beyond a direct financial contribution, the U.K. night-time economy acts as a catalyst for secondary spending across transportation,...

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Parliament and regulators: How select committees can better hold regulators to account

This report from UK think tank The Institute for Government looks at how select committees can better hold regulators to account. The UK’s new post-Brexit regulatory responsibilities and powers are not matched by adequate levels of parliamentary scrutiny – with almost a third of UK regulators not scrutinised by parliament since the 2019 general election....

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Making complaints count

This report from UK think tank the Centre for Public Data looks at how regulators share complaints data. Nearly all key consumer-facing regulators publish complaints data in order to protect consumers. The Gambling Commission, however, is falling short of these standards. Data on complaints made about firms should be published to inform consumer choices, incentivise...

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Labour economics

This report from UK think tank the Social Market Foundation provides independent analysis of the party’s proposed approach – and the gaps it needs to fill. With the Labour Party having vowed to achieve the fastest growth in the G7, the Social Market Foundation has brought together leading economic experts to provide independent analysis of...

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Climate adaptation in UK homes

This report from UK think tank Green Alliance outlines the need for government to work with energy suppliers, so that residents can be prepared for a changing climate. Climate change impacts are here to stay. From record temperatures and flooding to increased levels of subsidence, worsening air pollution and even the reshaping of our coastlines,...

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Zero choices: Swapping zero-hour contracts for secure, flexible working

This report from UK think tank The Work Foundation investigates the contemporary use of zero-hour contracts in the UK. Analysis by the work foundation has found that a record 1.1 million working age people primarily work under zero-hour contracts, the poster child for insecure work. Our new briefing investigates the contemporary use of zero-hour contracts...

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Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

This report from UK think tank the Social Market Foundation argues that the Bill is a threat to fair markets and open public services. The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, currently at Committee stage in the House of Lords, is set to undermine vital rights that protect vulnerable consumers and help workers understand how...

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Net zero policy tracker

This report from UK think tank Green Alliance monitors the government’s progress towards the goals it set out in the Net Zero Strategy. As the window to take effective action on climate change closes, the next five year parliament will be crucial. Strong leadership is missing across the political spectrum, not just in ambition to...

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Better regulation in Europe

This report from UK think the Centre for European Reform sets out an action plan for the next commission. European businesses are far more likely than US firms to cite regulation as a major obstacle to doing business. As Europe searches for ways to boost economic growth and frets about its competitiveness, the EU needs...

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Trust in public life

This report from UK think tank The Constitution Unit argues that there is an urgent need to rebuild the system for upholding standards in public life. Constitutional watchdogs are the guardians of the system for upholding standards. This project concerns seven constitutional watchdogs which monitor the conduct of the executive: the Advisory Committee on Business...

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Cleaning up our act

This report from UK think tank Localis looks at reforming landfill tax for place resilience and best local outcomes. Over the last thirty years landfill policy has been among the most successful and singularly effective of government environmental policies. Since its introduction, the UK Landfill Tax has succeeded in drastically reducing mixed municipal waste to...

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Greater and greener development

This report from UK think tank Bright Blue looks at improving the development levels of UK housing in a way that is consistent with protecting the environment. The polling report provides strong policy ideas for — and a strong case to — the Government for improving the development levels of UK housing and infrastructure in...

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What’s the risk? PR & Communication agencies and kleptocracy

This report from UK think tank The Foreign Policy Centre highlights concerns about the role of UK PR agencies when representing clients from kleptocratic jurisdictions. The PR industry presents a conundrum in the fight against money laundering and kleptocracy. This report by Thomas Mayne, published with the support of the Foreign Policy Centre, highlights several...

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This event hosted by UK think tank IPPR discusses what a commensurate and coordinated strategy against kleptocracy would entail. This spring, IPPR will host a major conference on combatting transnational kleptocracy The UK has made considerable progress on tackling economic crime and illicit finance since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. This conference will ask how to...

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Think tank: Adam Smith Institute

On the rocks: London’s nightlife in crisis

This event hosted by UK think tank the Adam Smith Institute will discuss how we can help make London a truly 24 hour city. Join us for an evening of The Adam Smith Institute's new series of events, Enlightenment Evenings, where our Chairman James Lawson interviews brilliant authors, academics and wonks on fascinating topics stirring up the...