20 years of muddling through

Think tank: EDSK

Author(s): Tom Richmond; Eleanor Regan

January 29, 2024

This report from UK think tank EDSK looks at setting a new course for the state school system in England.

Over the last decade the way that we run state schools has become a political football, creating a constant distraction from improving the life chances of children and young people.

On that basis, the next government needs to press reset on the school system to escape the toxic atmosphere created by debates over ‘academies’ and ‘academisation’.

The goal should be to replace the centralisation and political interference seen in recent years with a stable and coherent approach to running and funding state schools that prioritises the best interests of pupils, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

This new report shows how this can be achieved without distracting headteachers and teachers from their crucial daily work.