A review of the economic and social value produced through funding PhD students

Think tank: City-REDI

Author(s): Johannes Read; Alice Pugh; George Bramley; Rebecca Riley

May 1, 2024

This report from UK think tank City-REDI highlights the significant returns for individuals, the Exchequer and university-industry collaborations.

This report produced by City-REDI for the National Civic Impact Accelerator explores the extensive impacts of PhD study, from enhancing university operations to spillover benefits for society, industry, and personal development.

It emphasises the civic role of universities, particularly in relation to place-based strategies and industry relationships.

With over £3bn funded into PhD study in 2022/23 by UK Research and Innovation, the report highlights the significant returns for individuals, the Exchequer, and university-industry collaborations.

It shares findings from a rapid evidence review on the economic and social impacts of PhDs, advocating for the importance of PhD study within a wider civic mission.