Another brick in the wall

Think tank: Onward

Author(s): Will Tanner; James Blagden

February 28, 2022

This report from UK think tank Onward looks at the next election and how the battleground will be in the North of England.

In 2019, the fall of Labour’s “Red Wall” in the North and the Midlands exposed a seismic realignment of the British electorate and gave the Conservatives a historic election victory. Yet, just two years later, a series of by-election losses have shifted the focus southwards, to a so-called “Blue Wall” in the South of England. But how real is the Blue Wall? Where will be tomorrow’s electoral battlegrounds be? What would the impact be of a Lib-Lab Pact, or a new or resurgent party on the Right of the Conservatives? Onward’s latest paper, Another Brick in the Wall, explores these questions building on our previous study of the 2019 election, No Turning Back.