Artificial intelligence and the challenge for global governance

Think tank: Chatham House

Author(s): Various authors

June 7, 2024

This report from UK think tank Chatham House examines innovative approaches to AI regulation and governance.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly and is creating new and significant challenges for governance. New mechanisms must be developed and existing approaches strengthened to support international cooperation on AI. States will need sufficient capacity to be meaningful actors in shaping this emerging technology, and will need expertise and resources to understand and adapt to its consequences.

This collection of essays examines innovative approaches to AI regulation and governance. It presents and evaluates proposals and mechanisms for ensuring responsible AI, from EU-style regulations to open-source governance, from treaties to CERN-like research facilities and publicly owned corporations. Drawing on perspectives from around the world, the collection underscores the need to protect openness, ensure inclusivity and fairness in AI, and establish clear ethical frameworks and lines of cooperation between states and technology companies.