Backing our police

Think tank: The Henry Jackson Society

Author(s): Chris Loder MP; Hannah Baldock

June 20, 2022

This report from UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society looks at how Parliament can give police forces the tools to combat disruptive protesters.

The British public believes that “political interference stops police from doing their jobs at protests” according to a think tank report by a Conservative MP. The paper, published today, by the Henry Jackson Society and co-authored by Chris Loder MP finds that 45% of the public agree with the statement, with only 37% disagreeing. Belief in political interference is highest in London, where the Metropolitan Police has been hit by several scandals over its handling of protests organised by both women’s and campaigning groups. The paper finds that there have been “significant apparent disparities” in the ways that the police have handled protests, including those by Extinction Rebellion and the vigil for Sarah Everard.