Broadcasting regulation in Wales: Parts 2 and 3

Think tank: Institute of Welsh Affairs

Author(s): Dr Marlen Komorowski; Enrique Uribe-Jongbloed; Dylan Moore

March 9, 2023

This report from UK think tank the Institute for Welsh Affairs looks at international case studies and recommendations for broadcast regulations.

This short paper forms the second and third part of a three-part piece of research. The research presented here was conducted by researchers of the Media Cymru programme at the Creative Economy Unit of Cardiff University in collaboration with the IWA. Part 1 aimed to provide an overview of the current legislative and regulatory frameworks governing broadcasting in Wales. It is accessible here. Part 2 presented here provides an analysis of regulatory and oversight models for broadcast media and journalism in a selection of other countries with (non-) devolved governance frameworks in order to provide comparison with Wales. Part 3 applies the findings of the above to give an assessment of the issues currently facing Wales in the area of broadcasting and makes recommendations for potential regulatory and non-regulatory solutions to these.